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Focus: A Midlifer’s Guide To Training Your Attention

Your ability to focus is a dying artform. Team Vippi helps you bring it back to life.

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A Midlifer’s Guide to: Cancel Culture. Cultural Appropriation. Wokeness.

The basics that Midlifers need to know in today's continuing cultural and social revolution.

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Why Does It Feel Like We Midlifers Don’t Have Our Sh*t Together Like Our Parents did?

Team Vippi decode our parents' secrets to responsible and rewarding living.

death doulas services
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Death Doulas: Why Every Midlifer Should Have Them In Their Contact List

Doula right thing - the what, where, when, who and why you need access to one.

old man wisdom
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Older Adults Share Priceless Lessons With Midlifers

Older folks are a source of wisdom and education on life that many ignore. But we don't.

Empty nest syndrome
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Empty Nest Syndrome: A Midlifer’s Opportunity For A New Beginning

Empty Nest Syndrome can take a toll on your mental health. Learn how to find yourself again.

family dinner and conversation
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Making Family Dinner Conversations Interesting Again

Tips on how to revive the lost art of great conversation with great food.

blended family
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How To Build A Stable Stepfamily

Real life advice on how to create harmony within a stepfamily.

dating in midlife
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Dating In Midlife and How To Get The Most Out Of it

Quite simply - The Do's and Don'ts.

teen education
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How To Boost Your Child’s IQ and Balance In A World That Had Neither

The planet is dumbing down. Fast. Here’s how to keep your children away from the brain drain.

midlife sex
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Midlife Dilemma – The Boredom Of Being With A Good Spouse

How to fix a healthy relationship that feels boring. We've all been there. S

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How To Help A Friend With Cancer

Team Vippi share their own experiences on how to help effectively. And it works.

new age heirloom
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The Best New Age Heirlooms to Pass On in the 21st Century

Some amazing ideas that allow your heirlooms to stay in the family forever.

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How To Sensitively Parent A LGBTQ+ child

The Do's, Don'ts and How To Cope for midlife parents.

toxic children
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How Midlifers Can Manage Toxic Adult Children

How to deal and help you heal from these traumatic relationships.

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