Who are Team Vippi

‘Team Vippi’ are a bunch of guys and gals or if you prefer, dudes and dudettes who are in our 40s and 50s. We are married, divorced, parents, caregivers, corporate hostages, wishful entrepreneurs and the list goes on.

Even though we come from different walks of life, we still share the same journey.

Outsiders call us Gen-X but that sounds like a bacteria culture at a top-secret medical lab. We like to call ourselves Vippies. Because it sounds cuter.

Here are some pics that are indicative of our wacky personalities. We hope you can relate because we certainly do.

We’re young at heart and wiser by experience. It’s safe to say that the Vippies in Team Vippi are just like you and it’s possible that you’re just like a Vippie too. 

How we came about

First of all, have you noticed how little information or conversation there is in the media about our age demographic? It’s primarily centered around the Millennials, Gen-Z or the Baby Boomers. Hello?

We seem to be the tribe that time forgot.

Of course, there’s an abundance of information online for everybody and everything. But there’s really no one place where midlifers like you and us could come together and find content that was real, relevant and relatable. And Team Vippi is grateful, because that void has led to our presence and purpose here on vippivippi.com.

In the beginning we thought the only thing Team Vippi has in common is that we’re at that wonderful stage of mid-life. We were wrong. Even though our differences have always been a great source of colorful conversation (especially after a few shots and margaritas), there is more that unites us than differentiates us.

Our understanding of each other comes from shared values, mindset, challenges and experiences.

It was this need that led to the creation of vippivippi.com – A platform that’s simply….’Dedicated To Midlife’

Our mission

Our mission is to bring you curated content focused on issues that commonly affect us all. We have categorized these pieces under Health and Healing, Wealth and Working, Family and Living.

Many sites claim to help you find yourself. We aim to help you find your way. Key difference.

Ultimately we all share the same quest for finding a more productive, happier and healthier life.

Our content

Each piece of content is curated from 3 guiding principles. It has to be real, relevant and relatable. We approach every topic from a place of genuine curiosity.

For each piece of content, we conduct fact-based research, review modern day best practices and blend in our own knowledge and experience. Thereby providing you a path towards the solution.

vippivippi word cloud
This word cloud is indicative of the midlife topics we cover

Topical dilemmas like caregiving simultaneously to our children and parents, experiencing ageism in the workplace, being bored with married midlife, overcoming midlife body changes and so much more – there’s enough content on this site to captivate your attention. Don’t be surprised to find a large library of content here that relates largely to your life.

The significance of our logo

The VippiVippi logo

We are very proud of our logo. Its’ simplicity is symbolic.

At first glance it seems to be part of a clock. Upon closer examination, the time on the clock represents midday, a few minutes past noon. At this time everyday, the sun will be the brightest it will be for any given day.

And midday is like midlife.

It is in midlife that we will have the opportunity to shine our brightest. Because the culmination of our energy, experience and expertise come together the strongest.

On that note….

Team Vippi are delighted you found us. We’ve been expecting you. We look forward to serving you.