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male bully at work
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Male Bullying at Work: A How To Emasculate Guide

Sometimes, guys need to be taken down a peg. Here’s how to put an end to bullying in the workplace.

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Interview Tactics, Tips and Tricks To Help Midlifers Get To Hire Ground

Master the art of answering sneaky interview questions.

midlifers workplace
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The Top 5 Companies That Love Midlifers

Not all employers are created equal for midlifers. Sadly, ageism is thriving but we found 5 pieces of good news.

corporate manipulation
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Performance Review: How To Manipulate What’s Been Manipulating You

Reviews are rife with loopholes that allow for corporate manipulation. Don't become a victim again.

passive aggression
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Managing Passive Aggression When WFH

New tactics and tricks to overcome this old workplace malaise.

side hustle
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The Best Side Hustles For Midlifers While Looking For New Work

Side hustles that increase your credibility and reward you in more ways than one.

online interview tactics
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How Midlifers Can Succeed In Online Interviews

Interviews are online now. Here are the latest tools and tactics midlifers need for victory.

how to get a job with no references
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How To Get A Job With No References

There is always a way around this dilemma. Team Vippi show you how.

interview stress
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How To Succeed In A Pre-Interview Assessment Test

Simple and effective tips that can help you pass and get to the next stage.

bitcoin explained
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Okay, Seriously, WTF Is Bitcoin?

Explained in simple terms.

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Don’t Retire After Midlife Without Trying Entrepreneurship At Least Once

Give yourself a job and be a boss on your own terms.

Applicant tracking system
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13 Tips To Ensure That Every Midlife Resume Passes The AI Test

Tactics that can get you past the Artificial Intelligence stage and into a real human interview.

home business
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Can Midlifers Work For Longer If They Wanted To?

WFH for midlifers has given rise to more opportunities than ever before.

skills and training
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How To Learn New Things Quickly And Adapt To Changes Better In Midlife

Tips and tricks to help midlifers get upto speed in today's fast moving world.

millennial interview
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Tips For Midlifers To Succeed When Interviewed By Millennials

Some interview tips and tricks for midlifers that will impress millennials.

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